How To Set Up A Dialpad Conference Call?

How To Set Up A Dialpad Conference Call?

  • January 29, 2023
How To Set Up A Dialpad Conference Call?

Dialpad is a cloud-based communication platform that provides a variety of voice, video, and messaging services for businesses. It offers features such as voice and video calls, conference calls, screen sharing, call routing, and more. Dialpad can be accessed through its web app, mobile app, or integrated with popular productivity tools like Google Workspace, Microsoft Teams, Slack, and more. Dialpad aims to provide a seamless communication experience that helps businesses stay connected and productive from anywhere.

Dialpad Conference Call

Here are the steps to set up a Dialpad conference call:

  1. Sign up for a Dialpad account: Go to the Dialpad website and sign up for a free or paid account, depending on your needs.
  2. Install the Dialpad app: Download and install the Dialpad app on your computer, tablet, or mobile device.
  3. Start a call: Open the Dialpad app and initiate a call with the person you want to invite to the conference call.
  4. Add Participants: During the call, click the “Add Participants” button and select the contacts you want to add to the conference call.
  5. Manage Participants: During the conference call, you can manage participants by muting/unmuting audio, ending calls, and more.

Note: Dialpad also offers advanced features, such as screen sharing and call recording, which you can enable or disable as needed. Check the Dialpad Help Center for more information.