Polycom How To Conference Call?

Polycom is a technology company that provides audio, video, and content collaboration solutions for businesses, government agencies, and other organizations. Their products include conference phones, video conferencing systems, collaboration software, and more. The company’s conference phones are known for their high-quality audio, ease of use, and support for a range of collaboration scenarios, from small huddle rooms to large conference rooms. Polycom’s video conferencing systems allow people to connect with each other face-to-face over long distances, enabling remote workers to collaborate as though they were in the same room. The company’s collaboration software provides a secure and scalable platform for teams to collaborate and share content.

Conference Call On A Polycom Device:

To make a conference call on a Polycom device:

  1. Dial the first participant’s number.
  2. Once the call is connected, press the “More” or “Conf” button (the exact wording may vary depending on your Polycom model).
  3. Dial the second participant’s number.
  4. Once the second call is connected, press the “More” or “Conf” button again to merge the two calls into a conference call.

Note: Some Polycom models may have a dedicated “conference call” button on the device, while others may require you to use the “More” or “Conf” button to merge calls. Check your Polycom’s user manual or contact the manufacturer for specific instructions.