What is W.A.P. Mean?

WAP is an acronym that can stand for several different things:

  1. Wireless Application Protocol: A technical standard for accessing information over a wireless network, such as the internet.
  2. WAP Push: A message service that allows short messages to be sent to a wireless device, such as a cell phone.
  3. WAP Forum: An industry group that developed the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) standard.
  4. WAP Gateway: A device or software application that allows wireless devices to connect to the internet or other networks.
  5. WAP Browser: A web browser designed to access the internet over a wireless network, such as a cell phone or other mobile device.
  6. WAP Push SMS: A type of text message that contains a link to a website or other online content, which can be accessed using a WAP browser.
  7. WAP Programming: The process of creating applications or other software for use on wireless devices, using the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) or other similar technologies.